MISTUR is a Norwegian black metal band hailing from the mighty fjords and mountains of Sogndal. The sound is a mixture of melodies, atmosphere and raw black metal. The lyrics are written in norwegian and the themes are viking related. In the summer 2005, the demo "SKODDEFJELLET" was released. With this melodic and mighty black metal MISTUR immediately caught attention. "SKODDEFJELLET" received great reviews in magazines and sites like, Scream and Vampire magazine. Alltogether it sold about 800 copies in Norway and abroad. Many of the reviews are available on this website.

In September 2006 MISTUR also participated on the metalsampler Metalmessage Vol.III, with the title track from the demo "SKODDEFJELLET". The coverart was done by Kris Verwimp and the CD is sold out. Unfortunately, the demo "SKODDEFJELLET" is also completely sold out these days.

It all started as a metal project by Espen Bakketeig and Andre Raunehaug back in 2004. Seeing the opportunity to do live shows, the band increased to a full line-up.

Among the members in MISTUR, you will find lead guitarist Strom from the legendary black metal band WINDIR, now VREID. The lineup: Recently recruited Oliver Oien on screams, Espen Bakketeig on synth and clean vocal, Stian Bakketeig on lead guitar, Andre Raunehaug on rhythm guitar and clean vocal, Ole Hartvigsen on bass and Kenneth Mellum on drums.

Mistur did some great live shows in 2007, at a packed club Maiden in Oslo and at the STÿY festival in Sogndal. Mistur headlined also Fres festival in Fresvik the same year.

In September 2008 MISTUR recorded the full-length debut album in the famous Akkerhaugen Studio just outside Notodden, Norway. The album is produced by MISTUR and Thorbjorn Akkerhaugen and it is mastered by Peter in De Betu at Tailor Maid, Sweden. It is a masterpiece containing 7 songs with a raw black metal sound. Thorbjorn Akkerhaugen has produced albums for bands such as EMPEROR, ZYKLON and WINDIR. The Belgian coverartist Kris Verwimp has created an exclusive oil painting for the album. He has done artwork for bands such as THYRFING and OLD MANS CHILD.

Kris Verwimp's masterpiece is a viking motive painted in oil. The landscape is taken from the place Kaupanger in Sogndal, on the vestside of Norway. The fjord with the viking ships is the famous fjord called SOGNEFJORDEN. This is the place where MISTUR originally come from.

"ATTENDE" was released in cooperation with the German label EINHEIT PRODUKTIONEN the 29th of August 2009, and has sold more than 2500 copies so far. The album has recived great reviews and many of the them can be read on this website. The first show after the release found place in Sogndal, once again at the growing STÿY festival.

In February 2010 MISTUR performed at the INFERNO KICK-OFF show in Stockholm, Sweden, together with Koldbrann and Spazmosity, and then they headed for the main stage, ROCKEFELLER, at the famous INFERNO FESTIVAL in early April. Later same month, they also did a great show at KARMÿYGEDDON METAL FESTIVAL 2010 in Haugesund.

The 17th of July, MISTUR did a great concert in Kiel in Germany, as part of the exhibition "Nordlandreise". The concert found place at the club "Die Pumpe" and first out on stage was the German metal band Ctulu.

The picture to the right is taken from the performance at the Inferno Festival in 2010.

In April 2012 it was once again time to visit Germany, this time the famous Ragnarok Festival in Lichtenfelds. MISTUR entered the stage on Friday night and delivered a great show, including the brand new song "The Sight". The audience were amazing and the atmosphere was great. This was also the first show for the new vocalist Oliver Oien. The picture below shows the atmosphere this evening.

Today it is time for the first European Tour in the MISTUR saga. MISTUR will be support for Vreid and Einherjer and the tour starts in Germany on the 13th of September, and will last for ten days. Check the live section for all dates and venues. MISTUR are looking forward to meet all the crazy European fans out there!

Other from that MISTUR is working on brand new material. One of the new songs has already been published on this website and can be downloaded here. This is pre-production and give the fans a taste of what MISTUR is cooking. There is no date yet for the follow-up to "Attende", but as soon as there are news it will be published on

Stay tuned for more mighty black metal from the fjords of Norway.